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The following issues consist mainly of works-in-progress for which the authors had solicited comments.

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Issue no.1 - February 2003


Bradley A. Skeen ©, A Note on a Hematite Falcon in the Louvre [PDF]

Email the author: malkhos@yahoo.com

Cosmin I. Andron ©, Numenius' Fragment 13 (E. des Places). A response to M.J. Edwards [PDF]

Issue no.2 - March 2003

Edward Moore ©, ‘The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion’: The Christian Neo-Platonism of St. Maximus Confessor [HTM]

Issue no.4 - February 2004

John H Spencer ©, Review of: 'Philosophical Midwifery: A New Paradigm for Understanding Human Problems.' Hyparxis Press, 1998 [PDF]
Originally published in Metapsychology Online Reviews

Issue no.5 - October 2004

Steven P. Ward ©, Being, Nothingness and the Problem of Self Predication for the One of Plotinus: comments in response to ‘Le Principe du Beau chez Plotin’ Phronesis, XLV,1 (p.38 ff.), 2000.  [PDF]

Email the author: orpheus120@hotmail.com


The copyright © of all material belongs to the authors unless otherwise stated.

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